Got questions? We’ve got answers! The following is a list of questions you may have about the boat and the trip. If you still have questions, please call or e-mail and we’d be happy to help!

*Where is Jolly Mon located?

Jolly Mon is located in Long Bay, Charlotte Amalie harbor. She is on a mooring right near the WICO cruise ship dock. If your ship is coming in to WICO dock, you can see the boat from the ship.

*We are staying on island or we live here and want to drive to town to take a boat ride. Where do we park?

You may park in Yacht Haven Grande’s parking lot. The trip leaves from the side where Prana Spa, Rock Life Fitness, and the doctor’s office are. Turn left when you drive in the gate and find yourself a nice parking spot. Like the joke goes, what do you do when you see a spaceman? Park in it, man!

*What can we expect on a daysail?

We will pick you up in our dinghy by WICO dock. Look for the painted blue concrete between Yacht Haven Grande and Havensight, then look toward the water. Our dinghy is multicolored and you’ll see Captain Chuck. You’ll probably hear him first. He has a presence. He’ll help you get in the dinghy and take you to the boat. There you will be assisted aboard by First Mate Jen. Enjoy your drink of choice and a light snack and fruit. Chuck will give you the safety rundown. And then we’re off! We sail to Buck Island or Honeymoon Beach, depending on what you’d like to do. The sail takes about 45 minutes depending on winds. Once at Buck Island, enjoy our open bar featuring the VI’s own Cruzan Rum. Captain Chuck will assist you with snorkel gear and instruction if you wish to go swimming. Then it’s lunchtime! After lunch, you may choose to swim again or we may take you to a second stop. Then it’s a relaxing downwind sail back to our home mooring. The trip is 4 hours. Don’t forget fun. You can expect lots of fun, relaxation, and a day you won’t forget.

*What is included?

Lunch, snacks, open bar, use of snorkel gear, and instruction

*What should I bring?

Bring towels, sunscreen, cameras, sunglasses, etc.

*Where do we sail?

Out into the beautiful Caribbean sea, baby! From there we go to either Buck Island, St. Thomas or to Honeymoon Beach, Water Island.

*What about snorkeling?

Absolutely! We have masks, fins, and noodles available. There are also inflatable vests for people who wish to use one.

*What about shade?

We throw more shade than anyone in the harbor! Seriously, though. There is a large bimini top which shades our cockpit. Ask anyone around, they’ll tell you that we’re shady.

*What’s for lunch?

Island style barbeque chicken, pasta salad, fresh fruit, deviled eggs, corn on the cob, chips and guacamole, and a homemade bread is the general menu. We can arrange for any dietary requirements or avoidances due to allergies to be met. Vegan/Vegetarian menus are catered by Love Livin restaurant who specialize in delicious, healthy cuisine. The menu does change from time to time depending on the whim of the cook and availability of ingredients.

*How big is Jolly Mon?

Jolly Mon is 48′ long and is almost 12′ wide at her widest point. She’s a Sparkman & Stephens designed yawl and was built in 1970. She draws 7 feet which make her very stable in the water.

*What are things like there since the hurricanes?

While the hurricanes were ferocious and decimated the islands they hit, St. Thomas has made a strong comeback. Linemen have restored power to many places. The water is clear and beautiful. The plants regrew their leaves. Most of the big hotels are either closed or not open to tourists right now, but there are some boutique and smaller hotels that are open. Air BnB places are available. Many people lost their jobs, so tourism returning is important. Most of the restaurants and shops are open. Jolly Mon, very fortunately, suffered minimal damage due to the storms. Many of our friends and neighbors lost their boats, which were in many cases, their homes and businesses. Every day gets a little better. The community here is amazing and people have really come together to help each other and help rebuild the island.

*Why only 6 passengers?

It’s the limit for the type of business license we have. We don’t want our guests to be overcrowded.

*Why not do a demised charter?

We aren’t legally set up for that. If you have more than 6 guests, we could tandem with another sailboat or recommend some great friends of ours who can take up to 12 guests.

*We are on a cruise ship! How do you work the times?

Most cruise ships arrive early in the morning. If your ship arrives later, we can adjust the departure time to accommodate you so you still get the same great 4 hour trip. If you’re here earlier, we can always arrange to leave a little earlier (like 9 to 1 instead of 10 to 2) so you can get more time ashore. Ship’s time and local time will be different because the Virgin Islands doesn’t do daylight savings time like the U.S. The times on our page are all local time.

*We are on a cruise ship that is docking at Crown Bay (Austin Monsanto dock)!

You’ll need to catch a cab. If you’d like for us to arrange a cab for you, Studie is our cab guy. You’ll ride in his private cab, a spacious white van. He charges $14 per person round trip. He’ll get you to Yacht Haven Grande and will be there to take you back afterward. Studie will be in the Tickles Parking lot at Crown Bay marina. He’s there around 9:30 am for 10 am departures.

*Do you take children?

We love children. In fact, we have two of our own, so there’s plenty of toys aboard. The Honeymoon Beach trip is perfect for smaller children because they can play on the beach. We sail out and around to Water Island, then anchor near Honeymoon Beach and dinghy you in. We will pack snacks, drinks, and beach toys for you to take to the beach while we get lunch ready. Older children will enjoy either trip.

*What if the weather is bad?

There are days where it isn’t picture perfect here. It doesn’t happen often. Passing rain showers are normal here. But if it is going to pour rain and lightning for hours on end, then we will cancel the trip at the discretion of the captain. Full refund (if you paid ahead).

*What is your cancellation policy?

We need 48 hours notice of your intent to cancel or you are on the hook for the cost of the trip. This gives us enough time to not provision and run around like nuts getting ready for your trip. We take cancellations on a case by case basis. Things happen. If your cruise ship or flight got cancelled, we get that. But don’t be like those dudes who booked a trip and cancelled at the last minute because all of a sudden they didn’t feel like it. I’m looking at you, Sean. We are nice people and take into consideration that things don’t always go as planned.