The Crew


Captain Chuck Cannon is a beach aficionado, resort crasher, professional boat critic, former nurse, singer of sea shanties, and conch horn player. He makes the coffee every morning because this whole program would shut down if he didn’t. He likes a fried egg sandwich for breakfast. His hobby is old boats. There’s hardly an old, broken down boat that he can resist. If it needs repairs, he’s on it, no matter how derelict. He spotted Jolly Mon five years ago and couldn’t stand it. He poured his heart, liver, and spleen into fixing her up. Tears were cried, teeth were gnashed, thunder and lightning tore through the skies, but he didn’t give up until Jolly Mon had her dignity back. Jolly Mon is now home to his family. His favorite music is Jethro Tull, Tool, Devo, and Frank Zappa but he won’t make you listen to any of that on the trip. He used to own a ’71 Dodge Charger, blue with a black top…a fine, fine car. Jolly Mon is basically the seafaring equivalent so that makes him happy.



Jennifer Cannon, before she ran off with a sailor in the Caribbean, was a chemist and bookseller. Jen and Chuck have two very adorable children who love island life. Jen was trained in cooking by a team of Southern grandmothers and with her experience in chemistry, that means that she can mix you the best drinks and prepare you some of the tastiest food. Jen’s favorite joke is: “What do you do when you see a spaceman?” “Park in it, man.” When she’s not sailing, she’s sewing. Or cooking. Or exploring outlying islands with the kids, searching for treasure. Her dream car is a gold Cadillac. There’s one on island but everyone keeps saying that’s a bad idea. No one drives a gold Cadillac on St. Thomas. Except that one guy who has one for sale. He drives it around. Doesn’t look like such a bad idea really, everyone is just jealous. Jen’s favorite band is Queens of the Stone Age. Irreverence is Jen’s way of life. She just wants you to have a great time while you’re here.