Welcome! We Are Ready to Sail!

Jolly Mon is ready to go! After four years of work, we are ready to share the fun of sailing and swimming in the islands with our lucky guests. Getting to live and work in the Virgin Islands is fabulous and we are looking forward to sharing a bit of that life with our guests.

A friend once told me that moving water sorts stones, pebbles, and sediment according to size. Sand gets deposited with more sand, small pebbles get sorted with other small pebbles, and larger stones with the other large stone. He said it’s like life. As you move through life, you sometimes find where you belong. That’s how I feel about living in the islands. I finally found where I belong and the people I enjoy being with.

Chuck and I started life here 7 years ago. We purchased Jolly Mon 3 years later. Chuck was in love with her classic look and I liked how she sailed. We’ve sailed her locally, to St. Croix, and to Culebra. Chuck sailed extensively before he arrived here, making several Atlantic crossings. In fact, we both had abrupt career changes. He was an RN and I was a chemist. Bada bing bada boom. Now we own a charter boat business!

We’ve stocked our galley, compiled high quality snorkel gear, scrubbed the deck, and bought an industrial blender. We are ready to show you a good time!



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